Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CKUT's Magic Sound Box is opening again in DECEMBER 2011

CKUT's MaGIK bOîte soNaiRE creaking open again, bursting at the rusty hinges with renewed thirst for diverse sonic creations for the fourth time in Montreal. Will you be there to listen live as we crank out invisible undulations to tickle your ears?

DATE to be determined in late November or early December!
LOCATION 10 pins ouest

Into the Magic Sound Box....

Live Radio Art Transmission Performance: an hour of Storytelling, Music and Sound Art

This live radio transmission art show (or tell...) takes the audience inside Radioland - inside the magic sound box - highlighting the many talents of CKUT, exploring the limits of aural imagination and indulging in the intimacy of sound.

Amateur and veteran sound-makers will transform a rectangular loft, a few blocks from CKUT. The plan: create an enclosed area with large swaths of multi-coloured fabric, turn off the lights...and make radio. The audience is inside the box, the performers are on the outside. Some of the sounds will be mixed through a quadrophonic speaker system and some will use the natural acoustics of the space, inviting our listeners to enjoy the spatial qualities of voices, instruments, field recordings and electronics.

The evening will include musical soundscapes, short stories, documentary, exploratory sonic installations, poetry and whatever other radio forms you can think of, creating a series of sound art that will rest your eyes and
tickle your ears.

The performance will also broadcast over the airwaves of CKUT (and on, reaching the ears of unsuspecting audience members in Montreal and beyond in their cars, bedrooms, living rooms and bathtubs?

Wanna get involved??

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