Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Biographies, inspired by noise

Alanna McNevin is a Passionate Fragmentarian who spends her time starring studiously at the stars. Today, she saw a comma turn into a mermaid, and begins the long road toward coalescence.

Alejandro Saravia won a toy in a radio contest when he was seven years old. Later he learned how to write listening to the radio, which was another gift. Then he discovered Narnia and the adventures of Kalimán and Lobo del Mar, two fantastic radio plays... Well, basically he hasn't been able to turn the radio off ever since... Now, like a dog chasing its tale, or Peter Pan after his shadow, he's trying to make friends with mysterious madame Sound.

Antonella l.c. Giordano..........Muliblasts of supersonic sound have long infiltrated her brain, giving way to an eternal love of languages, stories and other delectable auditory sensations.....

Britt Wray is a fan of making sound and video, an interdisciplinary artist, biologist and at times documentary film and radio producer. Currently a graduate student in Toronto, she misses the sweet sounds of CKUT on her kitchen radio dial.

Courtney Kirkby is pulling on threads from all the corners of life she can find, hoping one day that the quilt will be more than the sum of its parts. She writes out the secrets from her insides and hopes you recognize them as your own.

Dominique Ferraton spends much of her time wandering in empty lots, knitting mittens, winding film in old cameras and creating sonic quilts made of found sounds and field recordings.

Her comfort zone is behind the mic, but those flashing lights behind the mixing board are intriguing her more
and more. In order to cross the line between the front stage and back, she decided to study sound, and use it as her intrusment to accompany her voice. Here's a first taste of this whole new world she's discovering, the piece is called vocal drums and the artist,
Elena Stoodley.

Jasmine Wilson is a third year music student at the Schulich School of Music where she is pursuing a concentration in vocal performance. While she has been singing for years, this is first time creating sound art. The piece features a mix television themes (Living Single, Mad Men, Hey Arnold, and 30 Rock) to underline the value of creativity in the education that is in Sir Ken Robinson speech "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" She Co-hosts Soul Perspectives on Tuesday evenings on CKUT and is the Political Coordinator on McGill's Black Students' Network.

Julia Drouhin, artiste et curatrice née à Strasbourg, vit et travaille à Chalon sur Saône. Docteure en esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts de l'Université Paris8, elle va faire un tour pour collecter des field recordings dont le montage cherche la corde sensible du paysage traversé. Elle aime diffuser ses capsules à la radio et imaginer des projets collectifs à propos des arts sonores.

When Karen Robins isn't reading books and not finishing them, trying to channel her emotional dysfunction into something that resembles “art”, or writing lines of makeshift poetry that never goes anywhere, she's
contemplating the meaning of life in the buttery architecture of a grilled cheese sandwhich, playing itunes for drunk people for money, and desperately trying to figure out why her dreams are so hilariously disturbing. The rest of her time is spent in the womb like warmth of the production studio at CKUT, tinkering obsessively over radio pieces like the one you are about to hear.

Marc Messier-Peet is a box builder of the best degree.

Miss Lamb is a voluntary breedy loamy vegetative optical illusion! I'm sure she likes you (WHO) very much.

Like the particularity of a beautiful leaf, Moe Clark falls from the sky in a sway of sonic decay. A spoken word artist by day, a night owl by night, she enjoys dancing with the fools in the pantomime of life.
When Neil Griffith shaves he hears force fields pulsating. He has so many broken organs in his closet that he has no room for skeletons.....those he turned into instruments so they wouldn't feel left out. Neil is a sound artist currently designing sound for theatre in Vancouver and finds that the mountains get in the way of his view. He loves CKUT Radio.

Nicolas Vigneau is a failure in the eyes of some and an idol in others’. Bike courier by day, the rest is up to the moment.

Rae Dooley is a student, activist, storyteller, and audiophile from New Jersey. You can hear them from time to time on CKUT hosting and producing news for Off the Hour. More accustomed to stage performance and journalism, this is their first attempt at expressing one of their recurrent mental experiences through sound.

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